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“My only hope is that we never lose sight of one thing, that it was all started by a mouse” is the famous quote of Walt Disney and has guided the corporation through all these years. Walt was a dreamer and had an inspiration of converting this dream into reality. Disney has theme parks all over the world. This allows the parents and children to have fun during their vacations and become part of the dream world. The grand opening in 1955 faced several problems, but soon it was a big success welcoming more than one million guests just after seven weeks of opening.
Usually children get exhausted from walking all day long. Nobody wants to carry his or her children around a theme park all day, especially when it is a Disneyland theme park. As parents you can’t enjoy the Disneyland experience while holding or carrying children. The children are not enjoying themselves either because they are exhausted from walking.
It’s a small world where there are amazing things happening around us. Disney World Orlando includes many such incredible things. There are four theme parks in the Walt Disney World Orlando, Florida and each one of them provides an unbelievable experience for you. There is the enchanting Magic Kingdom, educational entertainment in Epcot, the Safari visit to Animal Kingdom and film making in MGM Studios. The water parks of Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon helps to beat the heat of the sunny days.