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So how does this whole renting a stroller thing work?

Though it may sound weird, renting a stroller for your Orlando vacation may be one of the best purchases of your trip. We deliver the stroller to your resort, hotel or vacation home at the time you chose. You use the stroller like if you had brought your own. They come in espcially handy when kids are tired, your tired and you're heading out of the parks. On your last day, you will return the stroller to the same place where you picked it up ( usually the bell desk ) and  we will come and get it. No fuss, no cleaning and no packing. We make every effort to keep things as simple as possible.

Are you able to deliver to the Disney bell stands or do we need to meet someone?


Kingdom Strollers is proud to be a Disney Preferred Stroller Provider and is able to deliver your rental items to the bell stands at all of Disney's resorts. 


How do I get a coupon for free grocery delivery?

Kingdom Strollers has partnered with to offer those who place a reservation with Kingdom Strollers a coupon code for free grocery delivery ( $40 minimum order). The coupon code is provided once the reservation has been made for a stroller or crib and the order is placed through The coupon will be included with your confirmation email and a link provided to website where you can select from hundreds of items to make your vacation meal planning that much easier.


Where can I see these strollers in action?

You can view videos of the strollers by clicking on the links below: ( Please note that accessories shown are for demonstration purposes only)

City Mini Series :

City Elite Series : ( Real world mom review)

City Mini GT Series:

BOB Revolution Series :


Why would I rent a stroller?

There are some very good reasons to rent a stroller, even if your children don't normally use a stroller at home. Walking around a  theme park all day  can be VERY TIRING. As an adult, you will feel it. Now imagine littler legs trying to keep up all day. Giving them a ride around the park will not only save them from getting as cranky, but will save you from some of that mid-day frustration. These parks are big...I mean big and you can easily walk a couple of miles a day just jumping from one side of the park to the other.


Can't I just rent one from the parks? can. They are $16 a day for a single and $31 for a double. They are made of hard plastic, don't recline and you CANNOT take them out of the park. Sounds fantastic.....doesn't it?

All strollers from Kingdom Strollers have padded seats, fully recline and you can take them ANYWHERE you want....and trust us, the last thing you want is to have to carry a sleeping child back to the car at 11:30 at night with 30,000 other people beelining for the same monorail you are.


Do you have a stroller for kids with special needs?

Yes, we offer the Liberty Special Needs Stroller. You can find it here: This stroller is good for children up to 5 feet tall and/or 100lbs.


How do I get my stroller?
Your stroller will be delivered to the bell services desk of the resort or hotel you list in the delivery section of the order form. Once you have checked in, simply go to the bell services desk and claim it ( they usually keep them in a luggage storage room). Be sure to give them the name you chose to list on your stroller if different than your last name. You DO NOT need to be present for delivery of the stroller to your resort or hotel. Please do not store your stroller overnight with the bell stands or luggage rooms. They have limited space and staff. Once you have taken possession of your stroller, please keep it with you.  If the stroller is being delivered to a private residence or vacation home, please indicate time for delivery AFTER you have arrived. Delivery and return of strollers to homes in Mystic Dunes and Emerald Island will be done through the Welcome Center. Crib rentals to these locations will delivered and picked up at the home or condo. Windsor Hills no longer allows deliveries to the clubhouse. All deliveries and pick ups from Windsor Hills will need to be directly to the home or condo. All deliveries to Windsor Hills will be made after 4pm.  If you have a special request for a delivery time, please call or email so we can work out the details. We will accomodate any request to the best of our ability. 


Are your strollers the same colors as in the pictures?

We try to use pictures that give the best contrast so our guest can see all of the great features our strollers have to offer. We have many different colored strollers in our inventory so the stroller you receive may or may not be the same color as in the pictures. If you have a particular request, please ask and we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee a particular color.

What if my drop-off and pick-up locations are not the same?
When ordering, you will be given the options of where you would like delivery and drop off to take place. Most likely, these will be at a resort or hotel. If pick up is at a private residence, please indicate a time that you will be present at the residence.

What time do you drop off the strollers? When do I need to return the stroller?
Your stroller or crib will be waiting for you at your drop off location at the time that you choose when you place your order. If the stroller or crib is being delivered to a private residence, please select a time for delivery AFTER you have arrived.
Strollers and cribs are due back to the bell services desk of your pick up location no later than the time indicated in your confirmation email on the day of check-out. If pick up is at a private residence, please select a time that you will be present at the residence.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver to MOST Orlando attraction area hotels, resorts and vacation homes. Orlando, Kissimmee, Davenport, Clermont...all of these are within our delivery area. If you're not sure you're in that area, just ask us. We do not deliver to the airport, airport hotels, Haines City or St. Cloud.  We do not deliver to Hard Rock Hotel, Portofino or Lowe's Royal Pacific due to their demand that all deliveries and returns must be made directly to the guest.


Can I leave the stroller with the bell stand at night?

We ask that you maintain possession of the stroller when not in use. The hotels and resorts are kind enough to allow us to deliver and return the rental items to their bell stands. Please do not store your stroller with the bell stand, they should remain in a secure location ( hotel room, locked vehichle). Strollers found at the bell stands may be considered abandoned or returned early.

What is your cancellation policy?

A full refund will be given to all cancellations made 48 hours or more prior to your rental date. All cancellations made within the 48 hours window will be charged the minimum rental fee of $40 for a single stroller and $50 for a double stroller. Please contact us as soon as possible should you need to cancel your stroller rental. Refunds for reservations made greater than 120 days from the date of the cancellation will be refunded via PayPal or check.

What should I do if I need to extend my stroller rental?
If you would like to extend the length of your stroller or crib rental, simply call us to let us know your new check out date. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.(Rentals will be charged $10 a day beyond the original rental agreement)

Can I order more than one item at a time?
Currently, if you wish to order more than one item , you will need to place two separate orders. We do offer a 10% discount if you order two or more strollers and/or cribs. Please make a note in the "notes" section and we will credit back 10% to your card for the base cost of each stroller or crib ( Please note: Insurance is not discounted).


Who handles your credit card transactions and is it safe to order through your site?

We use PayPal as our credit card processor, one of the most secure ways to pay on the internet. We cannot see your credit card number (unless you order over the phone) and PayPal uses the strongest commercially available encryption technology, a 128-bit encryption system.


When will I be charged?
Your credit card will be charged at the time your order is placed and  a confirmation email will be sent to you immediately.

What if I have a problem/issue with the stroller or crib?
Our telephone number will be listed on the stroller or crib. Give us a call and we will make every effort to resolve any issue immediately.


Do you offer insurance on your strollers or cribs?

Insurance is available for a one time charge of just $25. The insurance waiver covers theft, loss, destruction and accidental damage. It is optional, but recommended. You will have the opportunity to purchase insurance on the " Date and Resort" page during the reservation process.

What happens if my stroller is lost or stolen?
If you cannot find your stroller, contact any park employee who may be able to assist you. Most strollers are moved around to create an organized space in parking areas. If you cannot find it with the assistance of a park employee, contact guest services. They may direct you to lost and found. If guest services cannot locate it, fill out a lost item report and contact us immediately. We will do our best to replace your stroller. If you believe your stroller was stolen, contact park security. You will be responsible for the cost of replacement for any lost or stolen stroller unless you have purchased the stroller insurance. Stroller insurance is a cost effective way to bring peace of mind to your vacation.

What can I do to lessen the chances of it getting lost or stolen?

Always park the stroller in an approved parking area. Lock the brake on the stroller when not in use. Make sure the tag on the bottom is not obscured and is clearly visible. Do not leave valuables in the stroller when you are not with it ( purses, wallets, etc...). Please do not remove a wheel from a stroller. This will put undue stress on the brake assembly and may cause cracking or breakage of the brake assembly.

What happens if our plans change?

Please contact us via email to notify us of any changes regarding your stroller rental ( check-in/out dates, resort location, etc.)

Are your strollers clean?

Yes! We clean and sanitize each stroller between each rental. We use a hydrogen peroxide based cleaner and sanitize with steam.  We would not want our child in a dirty stroller and do not want yours in one either.


Do you offer parent consoles (drink holders)?

Yes, all strollers are equipped with a parent console for you to use during your rental.


Do you have glider boards for the strollers?

We no longer offer the glider boards for safety and liability reasons.


Do you offer rain covers?

We do have rain covers available for FREE ( $50 replacement fee if not returned) . If you would like a rain cover, please select it on the reservation page when placing your order. Rain covers are provided free of charge and when available.

Do you offer car seat adapters?

We do have a small supply of car seat adapters for the City Mini Series and City Elite Single series only. If you are interested in using a car seat adapter, please call us to check availability.  ( We currently do not have any adapters for Chicco brand car seats). The car seat adapters are available for a $10 rental fee. Please let us know what brand of car seat you will be using by making a note in the notes section of the reservation page.


Do you offer coolers for the strollers?

We do offer free cooler attachements for the strollers. If you would like a cooler for your rental, please select it on the reservation page when placing your order. Coolers are provided free of charge and when available.


What are the differences between the City Minis, City Mini GT's,  City Elites and BOB's?

Actions speak louder than words! Be sure to view the videos available at the top of this page to view the differences in the strollers.

Some differences are the City Mini has a foam tire and the City Mini GT, City Elite and BOB have an air or foam filled tire. The City Elite's and Bob's have an actual foot rest were the City Mini's and City Mini GT"S are a sewn in foot basket. The City Elite and BOBs are heavier and bulkier but offer a smoother ride. The City Elite and City Mini GT have an adjustable handle bar as the City Mini and BOB do not. All stroller versions offer reclining seats and seat back storage as well as a storage basket under the seats. 


How big are the cribs?

These 100% wooden cribs are 54" wide, 30" deep and 36"tall when fully opened. Closed, they are just a mere 10" deep, so moving them into your room is pretty simple.


How hard are they to set up?

They will literally take 20 seconds to set up. You will be suprised at how easy it is.


Are they clean? Is the bedding clean?

We take great pride in the cleanliness of all of our products. They cribs are sanitized between each use and are delivered covered to keep them as clean as possible. The bedding is washed with Dreft™ and placed into a plastic bag which will be delivered with your crib.


Do you work with travel agents?

We work with some of the best travel agents in the country. If you are a travel agent, please call us and we can discuss how to bring a create product and service to your client. We offer a great commissionable referral program available to all travel agents.

Other Questions?

Have a question that we did not answer? Give us a call at 407-271-5301 or email us at and we will be happy to answer all of your questions. Let us help you make this your best vacation ever!